My name's Shamit! 
I'm a portrait, movement, and lifestyle photographer based out of beautiful Ottawa, Ontario.
I first discovered photography at Carleton University's School of Journalism, where I cut my teeth at the student newspaper with photojournalism, sports photography, and concert coverage.
The rough, ever-changing nature of those assignments taught me the art of adaptation, which has served me well ever since. 
After a brief post-graduation hiatus/bender, I rediscovered my love for visuals in 2017 through street photography, most of which you can see right here
In my time working as both a photographer and a yoga teacher, I've developed a real passion for working with other wonderful members of Ottawa's thriving health and wellness community. 
Whether you're a yoga teacher, wellness practitioner, or just someone with an idea that gets you really excited, it would be my pleasure to help you find the right image for your vision. 
Take your time, and feel free to look around this website.
When you're ready, let's get started
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